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Business Analytics Series: Introduction to Survey Questionnaire Design (Survey Design Stream)
Anyone can design a survey, it requires significant skill to design a survey well. There are a large number of places where biases can creep into our survey results. These include:
• Questions that are ambiguous (eg. Counting the number of employees in a company is difficult. What do we do about casual employees and subcontractors for example?)
• Sensitive questions (eg. which survey respondents feel comfortable talking about their salary?)
• Memory problems (eg. how accurately do we remember workplace experiences two years ago?)
• Reporting problems (eg. I know the answer that I want to give, but I don’t see my answer listed in the set of boxes that you want me to tick)

In this webinar we introduce a number of challenges that survey respondents might encounter as they seek to complete a survey (in a later webinar we will explore techniques that can be used to evaluate the significance of these potential challenges with members from the survey population). While we will present these challenges in the context where we are designing a survey which we will later administer, these challenges are also vital to consider when critiquing the data from surveys already collected or data collected through other mechanisms.

The importance of surveys is described in the IIBA Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (see Technique 10.45 Survey or Questionnaire).

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge of surveys is assumed, though participants with some prior experience in designing or conducting surveys will be more able to appreciate the more advanced material within this webinar.

Jan 25, 2023 09:00 AM in London

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